Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Houzz it goin'?

 I think I handed out my last portfolio brochure today. The client even said, "We don't need it, we can just look at your stuff online. "  My website hasn't been updated in 6 months...but years ago that was as good as being hot off the press. And so it never ends. The rules of marketing are changing so fast that by the time our brand spnkin' new brochure is designed, edited and printed the work is almost obsolete. Its like trying to be the lead car on the highway.   I have been coerced into accepting the fact that I will never be finished when it comes to digital or online marketing -so today I tackled the new beast in town...which to most people in the know, is not "new in town" anymore.  It has a big forboding letter H at the beginning of the word and in all of its arrogance it distorts one of the oldest words in the english language....Houzz.    Houzz it goin'?  Houzz about a little help?  Does your house Houzz many people?  In any event, I may not tame the beast but I decided to give it a go. (I am sure that next month there will be another latest and greatest marketing vehicle.) Anyway, I am now on Houzz. And its not an April Fool's day joke. I really am.  And I even understand they give out badges. Maybe I have to be Tron to wear them. I dunno but check out the firm's new Project Books on the latest and greatest..as of two years ago....

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